20th International Conference on Speech and Computer


Positioning and Power Relations in Conversations


Discourse analysis studies examine the way speakers project their identity, and their social characteristics, via content analysis. This session aims to merge two domains – speech analytics and discourse studies – by tracing the linguist, prosodic and acoustic footprints of extra-linguistic information of the individual speaker per se and the speaker in relations to other interlocutors in the conversation. The focus of the session will be the process whereby speakers position themselves perceptibly and subjectively in jointly produced conversations. The term positioning reflects the dynamic aspects of power relations in an interaction, which is not necessarily congruent with the term role, which serves to emphasize static and formal relations. We encourage contributions that target to process large scale discourse units (public speech, dialogues, and multi-party conversations), synergistically integrate techniques from the fields of speech analytics and discourse studies, or develop novel theory or methodologies for the study of positioning in conversations. The topics include (but are not limited to): Interactive Communication Management (ICM), conversational systems, conversation intelligence platform, positioning and power relations, conversation infographics, speech analytics.


Vered Silber-Varod (OMILab, The Open University of Israel) - vereds@openu.ac.il

Benjamin Weiss (TU Berlin, Germany) - BWeiss@telekom.de

Anat Lerner (The Open University of Israel) - anat@openu.ac.il

Omri Allouche (Gong.io, San Mateo CA & Herzliya Israel) - omri.allouche@gong.io

Helena Moniz (INESC-ID, Portugal) - helenam@l2f.inesc-id.pt